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Save your money when moving


Moving from one home to another can be an exciting and pleased time in your life. Regardless, stress and significant expenses are usually part of the experience, no matter how wonderful otherwise. However, by paying particular attention to the financial aspects of moving and taking simple steps to reduce the costs, you’ll experience significantly lower stress. It will make your transition to a new home and community easier for yourself and your family.


If you’ve already read moving tips, we are happy to suggest you more tricks to help you save money on your next move.

1. Move on a random weekday.

Moreover, to get this right, try to avoid moving at the end of the month or on weekends, because those tend to be the busiest times for moving companies. When demand is lower, you’ll get a better rate. If you have some flexibility, call the RELYBEL Moving Company and get quotes for multiple days in the month. Also, note that the demand for movers is the highest during the summer season.

2. Get creative with packing.

If you've decided to do the packing on your own before you buy boxes or bins, don’t forget to load up your suitcases, laundry hampers, baskets, and coolers. This is very important for long-distance moves when your rate depends on how much space your stuff occupies in the truck. So put down that roll of bubble wrap - use your towels and other home blankets instead to pad breakables.

3. Skip the yard sale.

There’s no sense in moving unwanted items, but it takes a lot more effort to host a full-on yard sale or a garage sale while you’re moving.


Instead, snap photos of your items and post them on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp or other online services with detailed descriptions. Most times, buyers are willing to come and pick up the goods at a time that aligns with your schedule. Selling or donating some of your belongings can earn you some cash (or a tax deduction).


Also, you can always ask RELYBEL Moving Company to toss your household belongings. Indeed, you will pay for this service, but often it's much more comfortable and cheaper than to do it yourself.

4. Optimize your utility shut-down dates.

Some utility companies won't prorate your bill as of your departure date, so if your billing cycle doesn't line up with your moving date, consider cutting off your service early, so you're not paying for an extra month. Yes, you can survive without cable for a week or two. No, you probably don't want to try this with electricity.

5. Be careful with free boxes.

If you've monitored the Internet, you've probably heard that another right way to save money during moving is to collect free boxes from local businesses. However, does it worth to do this? 


First, it will take your time to collect those boxes.


Second, once a box is used, it won't be as firm as a new one. Also, it's essential because during the moving your items will be stacking on top of each other inside the truck.


Third, used boxes may have a bad smell which could spread all over your belongings inside the truck, especially if it's very hot outside.


So if you want to save all your stuff in the proper conditions, RELYBEL Moving Company strongly recommends using new boxes. Moreover, we are happy to provide you with all the packing and wrapping material you need.

6. Book your move in advance.

It's a well-known practice to pay less if you order service in advance. Moving services are not an exception. So if you want to save your money and be sure you'll be moved on time, call RELYBEL Moving Company as soon as you can, so we can provide you with our best moving services.

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