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Your biggest fears when moving


The moving process used to be one of life’s most stressful events, so it’s reasonable to lie awake at night worrying about everything that could go wrong on the way from your old home to your new one.


If you’re anxious over an upcoming relocation, believe us, you’re not alone! The survey done by Wakefield Research in March 2017 found that many people share five big worries about moving.


Here are the top concerns.

1. Stuff getting smashed.

The number one concern about moving is damage to belongings, shared by 64 percent of people surveyed.


At first sight, it's not a big deal to move a piece of furniture from one place to another. In real life, there are always some difficulties almost all the time. Only professional movers know how to carry out or bring in a massive couch or a table through a narrow doorway or a balcony and scratch neither walls, floor, ceiling nor pieces of furniture themselves. Only experienced movers know how to pack all glass and ceramic from the kitchen or expensive electronics in a way it will be delivered and unpacked without being broken or damaged. Only responsible movers will disassemble and then reassemble your big items such as bed, sofa or entertainment center and you can be sure that they won't fell apart after movers leave. Only movers who care about their reputation correctly wrap all your furniture and mattresses to protect them from any damages or dirt.


Fortunately for our clients, in RELYBEL Moving Company we cultivate all these qualities in our movers and keep and control very high moving standards among all our employees.

2. Belongings getting lost.

Many people, 41 percent, also worry that their items could go missing or get left behind in a move.


Everybody has heard stories from friends about missed items after they had moved. Usually, it's small but valuable belongings: watch, cell phone, picture, jewelry, expensive bottle of wine, etc. Sometimes it could be even larger and more expensive stuff such as a laptop or a tv. To avoid this kind of situations, the best way is to order reliable moving company such as RELYBEL Moving Company that has all the licenses and is fully insured. Reputation is our number one priority. That's why we are so scrupulous when hiring movers. 


If you still have some concerns we recommend you to read moving tips section. This will help you to avoid your stuff being lost.

3. Getting fleeced by movers.

The expense of moving is another big concern, and 30 percent of people said they stress about movers charging high fees. It’s a legitimate worry, and some customers get surprised with big bills when unprofessional movers jack up fees after the fact.


The first step is to call RELYBEL Moving Company, and we will visit your home and offer you a quote. All our estimates are free!

On your own, you can also take some steps to reduce the cost of a move.


REMEMBER! Here in RELYBEL, we are not interested in charging the customer as much as we can. Our goal is to make our clients fill happy and satisfied after the move, so they will recommend us to their friends.

4. Not getting packed in time.

About one in five people (19 percent) said they fear about failing to get their stuff packed by moving day.


Not being ready can delay movers and increase your costs, so allow extra time to pack and plan to finish packing before moving day. Alternatively, our professional packers will do everything for you. RELYBEL Moving Company cares about its clients, and we don't want you to overpay. However, when we are talking about packing, you need to know that it is a process which takes time, sometimes more than you think, and you won't see a satisfactory result until the loading begins.

5. Fighting during a move.

Some people (7 percent) said they stressed about arguing with loved ones during a move. Communication breakdowns and last-minute changes in plans can exaggerate family tensions.

The good news is that if you plan well, and take a decent amount of time to prepare and pack correctly, you significantly increase your chances of avoiding these problems and having a smooth move. Also, you can enjoy your moving day and let RELYBEL Moving Company do everything for you.

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